Let’s Meet A Talented & Inspiring Rapper Billy Young

Billy Young is a Hispanic musician born and raised in South Texas, or the Rio Grande Valley (956). Even though Billy is a South Texas rapper, his style is not what you would call Southern Hip Hop; with some of his biggest influences being East Coast rappers such as Busta Rhymes, Method Man, Redman, 50 Cent, J. Cole, and most of all Detroit’s own Eminem from the Midwest. Billy started writing and rapping around the age of 10, composing instrumentals since the age of 14, and mastering his rhyme scheme and punchlines while other kids his age were playing dodge ball in gym class.

Here is our recent interview with this talented artist.

Twist Online : What brought you into music?
Billy Young :
My family has always been into music. I don’t remember anytime when there wasn’t something having to do with music going on. My uncle was in a band in Mexico with my dad so there was always some kind of instruments being played or music being talked about. My dad decided to go into a dredging company where he made really good money for a long time. My uncle ended up making a new band and it become a major success. They performed in stadius and such. So music in general has been kind of etched into my DNA, its a family thing.

Twist Online : Instead of going for general Hip Hop style you have come up with your own style. What was the motive behind this?
Billy Young :
I honestly never tried to make my own style, or force anything. Early on I was always focused on how many things I could rhyme, then it turned into what can I say for shock value, which I got from listening to a lot of Eminem. As I got older I just really didnt have to think about how I was putting words together. I got more concerned about the content of the material. My style has morphed, I think, into something not too artsy fartsy for people who just want to enjoy some music, but not too watered for the people who really want to hear the lyrics and how they’re written. But, that’s what I think, I can only hope that translates to the listeners.

Twist Online : Your collaboration with Troy Fonseca proved to be a hit, any plans of working with him again in near future?
Billy Young :
Na, I hate that guys guts! Kidding, yea of course. That record really got us some pretty good recognition in our home towns. I knew it was going to mean a lot to the people around us more than anything. There are so many rappers who want to be the next trap music king, so a song that was just about living in our small towns was a breath of fresh air for a lot of people, even for non fans of rap. Troy has been a friend for a good while, anything he needs to try my best to help, and hes been open to ideas on projects ive had. We actually have another song called “Good Time” that I was would have gotten some more attention cuz its a real fun song. Hes a great singer and his band “…And The Hero Prevails” is super dope too. My cousin Zach Elizondo is actually the bass player with them. Im tellin you, this music thing is in our blood haha.

Twist Online : Tell us about your experience with record label ‘Freak Native’?
Billy Young :

I mean we’re just starting out really. Me, AK, and Epic decided that we shouldn’t just make up a name and called it a “record label”, we should actually create one. So we did. We’re learning as we go and we don’t expect to be this huge thing overnight. We have a vision and we’re trying our best to put the work in behind it. I personally think its been dope so far, we’re just trying to really get as much content out there as possible.

Twist Online : What was the turning point in your career? Success of The Billy Young EP or anything else?
Billy Young :
I couldn’t even say. I feel like there is still a lot of things that I need to be doing as an artist to even get to a turning point. I need videos and content out there, which I’m currently working on. Its a little tougher for my because like I’m a studio hermit. I just want to sit and create music all the time and I forget that people need to actually hear and see me haha. I’m getting there though. As far as the EP, I think that showed people that I really can do what I said I could, and on my own production. I still get a lot of love for that project.

Twist Online : You have come through some tough times, what’s the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome so far?
Billy Young :
Honestly I’ve been my own biggest problem for a while. Like I mentioned earlier , I’m a studio hermit. I get stuck in this little tornado of half finished songs and new ideas. I think I mixed “The Wall”
like 10 times and even now I’m tempted to go back and do some more mixing but I got to stop myself and just move on. There are other things that I got going on but LIFE happens to everyone, I’m not special so I don’t think I even need to mention any of it. I just try and keep myself focused. For a long time I thought talent would carry me, but of course I learned that hard work is the only thing that really matters.

Twist Online : Finally our readers would like to know about your upcoming release “The Wall”?
Billy Young :
The Wall just kind of pieced itself together within a month or so. It was originally just 16 bars long and I was going to shoot a quick video for it to get some buzz going for this 2020 project. I ended up writing 2 more verses to complete the song. I started it with the intent of kind of pointing the finger at the president and mocking the snowflake social justice warriors, but as I was writing it I was realizing that the whole situation at the border has so many nuances that there isnt any definite Billy Young, or bad guy, or one entity to blame. So I ended the song saying “Am I loyal to my land or my DNA”. Cuz hispanic born in the U.S., and living so close to the border, we’re kind of stuck because no matter what our view is, we’re not Mexican enough for the Mexicans, and not American enough for the Americans.

Twist Online : Anything else you would like share with our readers?
Billy Young :
I hope everyone enjoys the song “The Wall” when it comes out. It’ll be available on all streaming platforms with a clean edit, and quick commentary. The video will be up on the same day it drops so be sure to check that out. Hit me up on facebook, instagram, twitter, and youtube. I also have a beat site if any fellow artists need or want to check out some production www.MurkyWaterBeats.com
I appreciate the opportunity to be part this interview. Take it sleezy, ya’ll!

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