Let’s Meet A Versatile Music band ‘Urbano’

We are sharing here our interview with Urbano Band consisting of songwriter and music artist brother and sister from suburbs of Philadelphia. They recently released their debut Album.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your professional career?

URBANO : We  realized our love for music at a young age and started to pursue solo music careers. John started recording his raps in a studio at the age of 16. He began working with stellar producer and engineer, Will Yip. Following in his footsteps, I started my singing career, recording my songs with Will as well. With every step in the learning process, we started networking with many different producers, engineers, and other artists such as Huey Mack, Reed Dollaz, Danimal Lector and Jitta On The Track. We each put out a solo mixtape/EP, but we still wanted to work together. We wanted to share something that was not only a collaborative effort, but also very unique. Bringing us closer together, we decided to make our band URBANO. We recently just finished our debut album “Royal Family” and launched it days ago!


Twist Online : Who or what inspired you as artists growing up?

URBANO : Growing up together, we would always hang out and listen to music. We would be blasting everything and anything at all times of the day. We really wanted to record some things we wrote and once we both heard what we created, we were addicted to making music. We loved how it made us feel. Music is so important in our lives and that was the driving force behind both of us pursuing a career in music. The music culture is all about what feels good to you, what makes your heart sing and your soul happy. We want to spread all that love, and good vibes to others as we feel this is our purpose in life.


Twist Online : You recently released your debut Album as a band. Tell us about that?

URBANO : We have been working on “Royal Family” for about three years. We wanted to mesh our eclectic sounds with our unique aesthetic styles. It is a fusion of pop, hip-hop, EDM and urban flair. We actually had about 15 songs we recorded, but we only used the ones we thought were up to par for our listeners. We put all our effort into this – making a quality product and putting our best work out there. Even though the album is free, we decided to make physical copies as well. In the end, we are really happy with the outcome of the album.

Twist Online : Out of your 11 tracks is there any track(s) that’s your favorite?

URBANO : We both definitely have some favorites for sure! Ris’s favorites are Happy Hour, Body Werk, Night And Day, and IDK. John’s favorites are also Night and Day, Happy Hour, and Body Werk. In addition, another favorite of John’s is Are You?

Twist Online : You must be excited with your first achievement as a band?

URBANO : We are beyond excited for this! We accomplished a long-time goal we had set for ourselves. It can be quite daunting when you first start any project, as you cannot always see the light at the end of the tunnel. You just have to remain focused and keep moving your feet. This is something we put all of our effort into and we are ecstatic to see it come to life.


Twist Online : What’s your next target? Any further project you are working on?

URBANO : We are going to be shooting the video for our single next week! We are also very excited about that! We will be launching the video within the next month or so. We are also collaborating with the amazing producer and engineer – Lectriq! We will finish the project within the next few months!

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?

URBANO : We both have similar tastes but between the two of us, there are about 20 favorite genres. Although, in general our favorites are hip-hop and rap. Ris also has a strong love for EDM styles and sub-genres within EDM.

Twist Online : Being a sister and brother do you discuss music all the time at home as well?

URBANO : YES! This is something we talk about pretty much 24/7. We practically talk about music in our sleep! Whether we are talking about our own music or our personal favorites, it is always a topic in our house. We love that we can talk about music because it brings us closer together and strengthens our bond. We are better able to mesh our styles, as we understand our musical tastes and our own abilities in writing and recording.

Twist Online : How much active you are on social media ? What’s the best way to follow you?

URBANO : We both have separate Facebook, instagram and twitter accounts. Although, recently we knew we wanted to make an URBANO account as well. So listeners can follow us on instagram – @urbanomusicgroup and twitter – @urbanomusicgro1 ! We can’t wait to connect with other music lovers!

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