Caramel Mafia

Let’s Meet DJ and Radio Personality ‘Caramel Mafia’

We are sharing with you our recent interview with DJ and Radio personality ‘Caramel Mafia’.

Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into Music Industry?

My Name is Caramel Mafia. I’m a German DJ and Radio personality based in Berlin. I started to dj about 10 years ago because I always loved music and I always enjoyed showing people new stuff. When I moved to Berlin I went to this party called Peaches & Cream which really inspired me that time. Right after that I knew I wanted to become a DJ.

You started your career as Radio Host. What kind of difference you found in hosting on radio and performing as DJ?
Actually djing and hosting are two completely different things that have one big thing incommon: Music. But the thing is being on a commercial radio is that you don’t have a lot of influence when it comes to the music that is played on-air. You just have to entertain and sell the music – no matter if you personally like it or not. It’s just a matter of being creative and professional. Being a DJ is a great way to express yourself, show people a good time and the most important thing: You see the people you entertain and you are able to interact with them. That is something you absolutely don’t have on the radio.
Tell us about your recent mixtape “The Summer is mine”?

My idea behind “The Summer is mine” was to create a soundtrack for the summer. Something you can listen on the beach, at a pool party, in the car but at least get this summer vibe. This summer really sucked in Germany so at least everyone needs this little summer vibe. I was spending the first six months of this year in the Netherlands and this time also really influenced me. In Holland you have a lot of people with Caribbean and African origin. At the clubs a lot of the DJ represent their roots in their music what really impressed and inspired me. I think in this tape its noticeable that I’m embracing my cultural background way more than before.

Your mixtape must be receiving a good response?
Definitely, the feedback is mind-blowing. New promoters are approaching me and today I found out the mixtape got into the official Mixcloud-Charts. I uploaded the tape two days ago and it entered 14th in the Berlin chart and 77th in the Trap chart. I heard a lot that people liked the fact that I’m embracing music with my African origin way more than before.


Your experience at dutch TV show “College 010“ must be very exciting.

It was really exciting because it was my very first time in a TV-Show plus I was in a different country and I couldn’t really speak the language. The camera-team was following me around for a week. Even to the club where I had my first gig in Holland. I was excited but also nervous at the same time. But people seemed to like the episode because it still gets rerunned sometimes. I still receive texts from friends and they are like: “Your show is on AGAIN!!!!!!!” (laughs)

Are you inspired by someone in music industry?

There are some artists like Major Lazor, AlunaGeorge, Rae Sremmurd or Brianna Perry that inspire me with their music. When it comes to other DJs I’m really looking up to most of the urban DJs that play at the Milkshake Festival in Amsterdam like Femmetastic, Kleine Kim or the DJs that the London based Radio station Capital Xtra like Tim Westwood.

You have performed in a number of clubs as DJ, what’s your best experiences so far?

There are a lot of experiences. There was this couple which I saw whenever I was djing. I was literally observing their relationship from the moment, when they met for the first time. I saw how everything got more and more serious with them and last year they asked me to play at their wedding, which was a big honor to me. This year I had my first international double-booking: Friday I flew to Berlin to play by night at a club. After the set I had to rush to my bed because four hours later I had to fly back to Holland and play there. It was super stressful but also fun at the same time.

What is the biggest achievement in your career so far?
It’s hard to say. Probably the fact that there are some people that come to all my shows I play in Berlin. I don’t know them personally but I always see them around, which is very cool. I also love the fact that I get to play outside of Berlin, which means I can travel and go to places I have never been before.

Are you working on any new music project?

Right now I’m working on a mixtape which is more electronic and it’s going to be a collaboration with a dutch MC named Oil the Men. She is very talented and who knows maybe you will see us next summer together on stage doing our thing. Working live with an Mc was always a dream to me.☺

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