Saape, a brand new, Norwegian music experiment and performance duo intent on pushing the boundaries of music by incorporating authentic Norwegian production elements with mainstream musical trends of today, this week announced they will be releasing 3 more singles during the first and second quarter of 2017. We got an opportunity to interview Saape for our readers.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Saape : Saape, are made up of 2 Norwegians, Thomas based out of Sweden and Christian based out of Norway. With passion for music we are here to do what we love the most and that is make music that put smiles on peoples faces and make our fans and listeners feel something.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Saape : The biggest inspiration in my book ( Christian ) is Georgio Moroder, always has always will be. Actually my inspirations are way to many to list (Thomas) but for this project REC and Kavinsky does come to mind.

Twist Online : Any story behind the name “Saape”?
Saape : Haha, both of them laughed a little. Actually it is the Norwegian name for soap, yes like you use to wash your hands. And the story behind is actually quite simple, we had a hard time coming up with a name for this project so we started to make a list with casual items and on top of one list was Saape(soap) and no one had  used this name before so we just went for it.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recently released first single ‘Alone’?
Saape : Our first single out there yes, this is the song marking the start of our hopefully long journey in the industry. It started at kind of a tropical house kind of EDM tune, before we ended up with this result that we actually and truly love.

Twist Online : What kind of response it has received so far?
Saape : The response has been overwhelming, both streaming and Radio has been amazing, after only 12 days we are way past the 30.000 mark only on Spotify.

Twist Online : We came to know that you are going to release 3 more single in near future?
Saape : Yes, this is true.. we are releasing 3 new singles between now and Juli 1. But the dates are not written in stone yet but we promise the next one is not to far out.

Twist Online : Are you influenced by any particular music genre?
Saape : No, we are influenced by many genres. we both love what the music has to offer whatever kind of genre.

Twist Online : Now you are part of this music industry, have you set some goals to achieve?
Saape : We are now planning an Album, so we have a big ole to work against here. This is just the beginning of what fans and listeners can expect from us in the years ahead. Our unmistakable passion for music performance isn’t going anywhere, and we’re encouraging everyone to download Alone on iTunes or Spotify in upcoming weeks.

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