Let’s meet Sascha Giordano from Hypergear

We are sharing our recent interview with Sascha Giordano from the music trio Hypergear.

Twist Online : First of all please tell us about the start of your music career?
Sascha Giordano :
First Hypergear’s origin is traced back in 2011, when I first created the band from the ashes of “Shattered Memories”, a cover band from school.
Such a strange time, I didn’t even knew that I wanted to be a musician.
Shattered Memories was a four-pieces band but I stripped down it to a trio lineup by learning to play the guitar while singing.
This new band name was “Swan”, and in 2013 the name changed permanently in “Hypergear”.
Under this new name, the band proceeded to record its first ep, “Sober EP”, released just after the name change.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to form this trio?
Sascha Giordano :

The trio lineup decision came from two reasons: a lot of favourite bands of all time of mine were trios; Muse, Nirvana, Police. Even Jimi Hendrix played in a trio!
During Shattered Memories era I was just a singer and it was ok, but I felt that something was missing and I didn’t quite realise what was about at the time.
As soon as the band split I finally realised that I wanted to play something while singing, and with me becoming a guitarist the need for a four band member disappeared.
I’m so glad that everything went in that way: I’d never be in another band with four or more member (I’d never be in another band at all)!

Twist Online : Our readers would like to know about the members of this trio ‘Hypergear’ and their roles?
Sascha Giordano :

Sure thing!
I’m Sascha Giordano, I play guitar and piano and I’m the lead voice!
Then we have Federico Negro, the bass player and he’s doing some backing vocals too!
Gianluca Pistani is the drummer and backing track player (it that a role too?)

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release?
Sascha Giordano :

Our most recent release is called “Selenium Hunters”, and it’s an Ennio Morricone-ish western style song about all the forms of illusion and deception that involve around religion.
We’re completely aware that being religious is also something that could help you a lot throughout your whole existence – everyone needs something to hold up to – but the song is much more about the darkest side of that.

Twist Online : What kind of response you have received from the releases?
Sascha Giordano :

Ups and downs. Being an unsigned band really means hard work and constant devotion, but it’s not always that easy.
We’re still a small band, but our music is really well received by a lot of people, and it’s really encouraging us to push more music out!
Our third single “I Am The Dead” still is one of our most loved song, which is great!

Twist Online : What’s the best part of being a music artist?
Sascha Giordano :

There are lots of amazing (and tough) things about being a music artist!
I know that sounds a lot like a clichè, but crafting and composing music and songs is great. Such a tough work, creativity never has been such an easy field to work in, but at the end of the day the emotions that it might convey are quite priceless!
Being a music artist also means to face a lot of risky things, such as the feedback from the audience (which is something that we look up to quite a lot), the unstoppable “race” we’re forced to see among other artists (which is bad, music has never been a race or a competition. Is it even possible to “score” emotions? That’s pretty sad, but it’s such a common scenario in the music world nowadays).
Despite everything, I think that we never had a bigger pleasure than the one that comes from all the love and support that we’re getting from our fans daily. I know that this sentence might sound a little “arrogant” – again, we’re still an insanely small band – but we do have a small but loving community spread worldwide on our social networks, and we’re so thankful about that.

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Sascha Giordano :

Back in the day when first Hypergear started the main goal was to play a live show at Wembley arena.
Things are pretty much the same – Wembley is still one of our major goals, but in the meantime we set some smaller steps that eventually will lead us towards the big one, like setting up a small European tour, finding a label and spreading our music around more and more!

Twist Online : So how many more songs to come from this EP?
Sascha Giordano :

Four more songs! It’s a full album rather than an EP, and it’s called “Persona”
Why is the album called in that way? Glad you asked!
All the songs from our first album are about various topics of human behaviours. Love, death, sex, addictions, religion, technology, rejection, obsession, politics… Lot to talk about.
The term “Persona” is so fascinating: it’s the particular type of character that a person seems to have and that is often different from their real or private character – which fits so nicely within the whole album topic.
“Persona” will be the last song we’re going to release from this album, and it’s going to be a long and intense crescendo-style of song!

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