Lexa Blue inspires with his latest music

Axel a.k.a. Lexa Blue is an ADHD emo kid that keeps switching genres on music; Axel Molnar is inspired by widely varying genres, and creates music that switches between styles and the people that it connects to.

Living in Melbourne from the age of 21, Axel started his journey in music in 2015 under the stage name Axel Rose. Playing in dark underground clubs including Wah Wah Lounge, Cloud Nine, Hidden Forest and Lucky Thursdays, Axel found influence in the minimal techno scene, an influence that, by 2017, shifted towards minimal techno, G- house & Dark House. Passionate to pursue a career in music, he went on to study a degree in Audio Engineering at SAE Institute Melbourne.

As his production skills increased, a new shift in music began. Future garage style tracks influenced by the likes of Ecepta, Tim Schaufert and Azaleh formed an entirely new identity for Axel, marked by the change in stage name to Lexa Blue. The evolution now continues with a fresh house flavour and a chilled but heavy groove.  

By my side is the latest track he has released. It has been liked and appreciated by both music critics and fans. Check it out. You will surely love it.

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