Lion of Judah


Canadian artist Lion of Judah is about to break the internet with his new and upcoming EP ‘Revelations & Epiphanies.  The album touches the spirit with a new-age PBR&B refined feel.  It’s an album that evokes a lot of ungodly yet godly feelings but will definitely get the soul moving in the right direction.

In attribution, is offering debut single from the EP ‘Stay Ready (Montreal Crucifixion)’ For Hi-Fi download when you sign up for his mailing list.

Lion of Judah resurrected his music career at age 24 in 2014, when interning October’s Very Own TOPSZN engineer ‘Evan Stewart’ suggest he move forward with his music as it proved to be “next level”.  Lion of Judah has continued to create music out of love, awesomeness and compassion for mankind with the ability to change the world with its power.  Revelations & Epiphanies is his most vigourous, spiritual and moving material to date.

Lion of Judah

To contact Lion of Judah, please contact Richard at for offers, interviews, features, guest list or promos for Revelations & Epiphanies.

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