LoREIGNGA – Let Me Be Your Girl

LoREIGNGA is a driven, talented and passionate artist hailing from Essen, Germany. His music is melodic and energetic, yet intimate and emotional, with a sound that blurs the lines between various genres, ranging from pop to even electronica, rock and other styles, with some great retro 80s vibes!

LoREIGNGA is about to release a lot of new exciting music: Last month he has released his brand new single, “Let Me Be Your Girl”.

The track also features Talia. It is getting good response from critics and music lovers. Its available on spotify, amazon, Apple music and many more places (You can find all the links on his website www.loreignga.com). This track will be followed by a lot more music, such as 16 new tracks, with 5 of them accompanied by awesome lyric videos!

LoREIGNGA might be 63, but he surely hits the scene harder than a lot of young aspiring performers! He has a lot of freshness and enthusiasm, that sure brings a special vibe to his amazing sound.

So stay tuned to his website for updates and to find out more about him.

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