Lukas Vui – I Don’t Love Myself

A brave and outspoken new artist with a distinctive sound, and a whole lot to say.
Lukas Vui is an artist with a focus on combining emo with modern hip-hop influences. Originally from Germany, Lukas has experienced life throughout Europe and the United States, eventually identifying himself with American culture on a deeper personal level. He developed a unique sound as an artist, combining elements of hip-hop with alternative, indie, emo, and so much more. His sound escapes average genre barriers and definitions, and what makes his music special is definitely the fact that it is never something that you can easily expect.

Recently, Lukas released a brand new song titled I Don’t Love Myself. This track combines spontaneous personal lyrics with a really good production, which sets the bar higher in terms of appeal and quality. The song begins with a really cool acoustic-type melody, which has a really hypnotic feel. I love how these organic tones actually blend in so well with the more electronic elements behind the music, including the cool textures in the background, as well as the soaring 808-style beat of this composition. The vocals are definitely the most distinctive composition in this release. Lukas has a very poignant and personal voice, which is filled with emotion. You can really feel his pain when he sings, and you can tell that the artist is clearly connected with every single word that he is uttering.

The combination of beautiful melodies, haunting textures, and personable lyrics is actually one of the most intriguing aspects of his work. It really makes me think of many innovative artists at the forefront of musical creativity, including Juice WRLD, who sadly left us quite recently. What makes Lukas stands out is that his sound cannot really be categorized into a specific genre or approach, because he brings so much to this song. It is almost as if he found an amazing way to channel old and new influences, in order to create something that is quite special and one of a kind. This is definitely some great music that begs for a nice opportunity to get into your fresh new playlists for 2020!

It is safe to say that Lukas started 2020 with a bang because this song is an impressive display o talent and skill. The verses are slightly held back, in order to allow the main hooks to really stand out and branch out. This is when the release reaches is the absolute apex, and when the song has its greatest emotional payoff, really bringing the point home! The song’s intro has a soaring build-up, really perfect to set the mood and pave the way for the rest of this release to unfold. The atmosphere of the music is truly engrossing, and the sound of this song is quite distinctive, providing an honest portrait of Lukas’ talent and ability to create music that people can easily relate to. In other words, he actually knows what he wants to say with this single, and because of his instinctive approach, it is very easy for listeners to find a genuine connection.

As the title of this song might imply, this is a highly personal and introspective track. Ultimately, this release is a winner because it is a perfect blend of fantastic production quality, and astonishing performance skills. Many people could relate to this particular mood, and Lukas is keen on exploring the depths of his emotional range, sharing his point of view with the audience. If you are a fan of artists as diverse as Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION, Lil Peep or NF, you are in for a treat, so do not miss out on this release!

Find out more about Lukas Vui and listen to his music, as well as connecting with his social media platforms from the following links. I Don’t Love Myself is currently available on Spotify, as well as other online music streaming platforms on the Internet, including Apple Music, Deezer, iTunes, iHeart Radio, Google Play, and many other services out there.

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