Meet a talented pop singer and songwriter ‘Al-x’

We recently interviewed A very talented pop singer and songwriter Al-x. Conversation was mainly about music, life, recent release and future goals. We are sure you will love the interview. Here it is.

Twist Online : Please introduce yourself to the readers and how and when did you first get into music profession?
Al-x : Thanks for the opportunity to do this interview! I’m Al-x, a LA-based pop singer and songwriter who dances and plays guitar – sometimes at the same time. I got into the music profession almost 10 years ago, starting out. I’d been writing songs, and then I went to an open mic on the Sunset Strip and immediately booked my first show from that, and the rest is history.
Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into this profession?
Al-x : I’ve always loved performing, since I was 5, so that was already in my bones. A bunch of things inspired me. I always found that Art moved me, whether it was music, sculptures, paintings, writing, dancing etc. And I love how it can mean something different to each person who sees or hears it. In terms of influences, I would say growing up my biggest influences were Madonna and Nine Inch Nails, though she shows up in my work in a more forward way than NIN.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming release “Fearless”.  What is the inspiration behind this song?
Al-x : I’m extra excited about Fearless! Because it comes from a different place than most of what I’ve released and also because I think it could help other people. Music has made me feel more understood, more empowered, less alone. And I believe this is the type of song that can do that for other people. Maybe help them get through something they’re struggling with. It came from a place where I was really battling and even though they were my own words, the song made me feel like I could overcome what was going on.

It’s available at iTunes you can buy it there.
Twist Online : You are a highly skilled songwriter as well, do your write songs for others as well?
Al-x : That’s very nice! Thank you. Yes I’ve written hundreds of songs at this point. I’ve done some writing for others, and it’s something I hope to do more of.

Twist Online : You have performed at the top independent venues in LA, any particular event that’s unforgettable?
Al-x : Well my first show ever is something I’ll never forget, but one I would say is playing at the Whisky on Sunset Blvd. It’s not the type of venue that really does my type of music, but my fans and friends came out, and people who are generally into totally different genres ended up staying and watching my set. There was a video camera on me, stage lights, those old very rock-n-roll dressing rooms, my name on the famous marquee. It just felt very monumental to me. And having people sing something back to you never gets old.

Twist Online : What are your future goals as music artist?
Al-x : I’d like to move further in the direction of helping others. There was a time when I was more focused on and enamored with being famous or having the number one record, and while those things would still be nice, my heart has come forward more and it wants to use the power of art to do something more substantial. I look at someone like Rachel Platten and see how she struggled, then wrote this amazing song, “Fight Song”, and it has helped so many people, especially young girls it seems, get through something. And I think because she worked so long and hard, it is even sweeter to her now to be having that effect.

Twist Online : What will you rate as your biggest achievement in your career so far?
Al-x : This is not going to be your normal Al-x, but in a way I’d have to say surviving, and not having the industry change who I am.

Twist Online : Any message for your fans out there?
Al-x : To the fans I have, thank you thank you thank you!!! To the fans that may come next, welcome, and I hope my music can make you smile, dance and feel less alone!

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