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Meet “Black Irish” who recently released his single “WHAT YOU DRINKIN”

We recently had conversation with Black Irish. Black Irish, a singer/songwriter and entrepreneur, is a visionary on a conquest to reclaim hip hop and rap culture. That’s the discussion we had with him.

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of the your music journey.

Black Irish : My love for music started years ago when I was in grade school. I vividly remember playing motown 25 anniversary and jackson 5 VHS tapes over and over again. I can’t even count the number of times I remember trying to do the moonwalk. I don’t think I ever did it right once though. I picked up the violin, because it was the only instrument offered in school , and to be honest i was pretty good at it.I quit because the teachers never taught us more than a couple basic songs. I needed more of a challenge. So I decided why not join the choir. Not only was I one of 2 blacks kids in the choir, but I was the only boy. But I didn’t care I just wanted to sing.

Twist Online : You have been attached to the music since very early age. How much that improved your music skills?

Black Irish : I work on my craft everyday religiously. At this point it’s not work or hard it’s more of a habit. Early on I could only sing and I rapped but it took me way to long to write a full 16 bars . Now I go to the studio and if it takes longer than 5 -10 minutes to find a hook I change the beat. Also I use to write alot but now I tend to find a melody and paint the picture in my head.

Twist Online : You recently released a single. Tell us more about this?

Black Irish : I recently released my first single on iTunes, apple music, spotify and soundcloud caked “ WHAT YOU DRINKIN”. The beat was done by my lil brother and the song was all written and done by myself. I feel like with the warm weather heard and people having all types of events bbq and things to do in the summer that alot of drinking will be going. Not only that but there people who go out almost everyday so I wanted to me a song about a different drink every day.

Twist Online : Is there anyone in Music industry who inspires you?

Black Irish : Jayz is my biggest inspiration . Just someone who had all the odds against him . Coming from a poor background. Coming from nothing. Making himself a household name. But not only in music. In the corporate world . How everything he touches in music or anything turns to gold. He was able to start with music but he moved on to clothing, alcohol, basketball team, club, promotion company, records label, sports agency . He taught me so much and I’ve never had a conversation with him .

Twist Online : What do you love more. Working in studio or performance in front of audience?

Black Irish : A year or two ago I use to be just a studio rat. Live in my studio basement and make a song air more a day. But as I began to perform more I began to enjoy it alot more. Seeing the different parts of some people repeat and enjoy. This is my thrill . Most people Come to my shows work 9-5 s and this is there time off to relax and have fun so although it may seen like alot of pressure I'm always so pumped to give them a great time and I love turning up with them.

Twist Online : Do You write and compose your own songs?

Black Irish : Yes I wrote and compose all my own songs. I also writ alot of music especially hooks for other people.

Twist Online : Do you work according to your plan?

Black Irish : Yes i have a 3 year plan. But i am realistic and know one of the blessing about life is you never what will happen tomorrow . So I do my best to be in the moment and take advantage of what the universe has put inn front of me

Twist Online : Are you planning another project in recent future?

Black Irish : Moat definitely . We are currently shooting the music video for” what you drinking “ . But I have another one which I plan.on releasing this month. Planing on having a really cool contest as well with the release. I ‘m also working in the next line of my impact FAR FROM AVERAGE FFA clothing which is looking crazy .

Twist Online : Are you socially active? How can your fans follow you?

Black Irish : Yes I can be found on


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