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Meet the highly talented ‘Charley Young’

We are sharing with you our recent interview with highly talented artist Charley Young. She recently released EP ‘Phoenix Rising’ that’s doing extremely well . We have interviewed her about her career, EP and life, you will surely enjoy the conversation.

Twist Online : Where are you from?
Charley Young : I was born in San Diego, California and raised in Pensacola Beach, Florida.

Twist Online : Was music a part of your home life from early on?
Charley Young : It definitely was. I remember my Mom had a huge cassette holder full of amazing music- We would listen to the Pretenders, Depeche Mode, U2, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, and many, many other artists. My maternal grandfather would play the guitar and I would always sing along with him. I remember standing on this green ottoman as a kid and singing folk songs as well as country songs with him.

Twist Online : When did you first realize you wanted a career in music?
Charley Young : I remember being very young- Like 7 or 8 years old and writing lyrics and songs in my maternal grandparents’ yard. I was always in the school talent shows growing up and was even in a choral group that gave me the opportunity to perform in the White House, Austrian Embassy, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. I always knew I wanted to sing, but sometime around 12 years old, I became scared to do so due to bullying, judgment, and the loss of my singing partner, my maternal grandfather. I actually had one of my Mom’s friends who has some psychic ability come up to me when I was 13, with no prompting, who told me, “I know you want to be a singer and you will do it.” That was powerful, especially during that low point in my life. I finally within the last year, decided that if I don’t go for it now, then when?

Twist Online : What can we all expect from your newest EP ‘Phoenix Rising’?
Charley Young : You can expect music that has been written from my heart. I’m proud to say that I wrote the lyrics and vocal melodies of each of the four tracks on “Phoenix Rising.” “Phoenix Rising” explores EDM, synth pop, and dance music. Each song has its own voice and perspective.

Twist Online :Tell us a little bit about what inspired ‘Phoenix Rising’?
Charley Young : “Phoenix Rising” came out of the grief I have experienced in my life. We all have pain and I had just gone through a really hard year full of loss and despair. I had to find a positive, constructive way to release those emotions and I found that writing these songs was the best outlet. This EP is very personal in all aspects and shows that out of great pain can come something beautiful.
Twist Online : Are you focused in just one music style? Yes / No, Why?
Charley Young : Definitely not. I love all types of music and I have many different musical influences- Everything from Aaliyah to Duran Duran to Bob Marley to Peter Tosh to The Clash to The Pretenders to Britney Spears, Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Calvin Harris. Anything that is real and passionate is great music to me. I also think it’s fun to explore different sounds and even mix different styles together.

Twist Online : Your best gig so far?
Charley Young : It’s a tie between performing at Webster Hall and Vinyl Music Hall this year. They were both amazing opportunities and goals that I have had on my list. Anytime I get to perform is a good gig, but those were definite highlights.
Twist Online :Are you planning to release a music video soon?
Yes! We just wrapped the shoot this week. I’m really excited about it- Can’t wait for y’all to see it!

Twist Online :How good is for artists to use social media? Do you use Facebook and Instagram?
Charley Young : I think social media is vital as an artist. I use Facebook and Instagram daily to promote myself as a singer and actress and to connect with my fans and listeners.

Twist Online : What are your ambitions for the future?
Charley Young : I would love to have a career similar to Jennifer Lopez. She records music, has a Vegas residency, her own TV show, and she’s acted in films. I want to do all that and more!

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