Melissa B

Melissa B talks about her latest track ‘Samething’

Today on our Hot Seat we have a talented and inspiring artist Melissa B with us. Let’s have a chat with her.

Tell us about the start of your professional career?

My background consists of me starting to sing at the tender age of five years old. I was classically trained in opera. Growing up my parents put me in pageants and that is how I really got the taste of the stage, being in front of people, and being able to perform. My father and my mother both pushed me to live out my dream and to never give up on my goal. As a little girl all I wanted to do was sing! I didn’t know how I was gonna get to where I am now but I just kept going and believed in myself.

My goals as a little girl were to always share my gift of singing to the world. I have a positive vibration that I want to share with everyone I come in contact with. I always wanted to tour the world and just heal the world with my voice and music.

Who or what inspired you to get into this industry?

I’m getting a little sentimental now because growing up I think of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Prince, Tamia, Celia Cruz, Hector Levoe. These are some of the many great voices and talents that truly inspired the style of music I sing today. I am Afro-Rican (Puerto Rican & Black) or what others call Afro Latina. Since growing up I began listening to R&B music and Salsa in my house. My mother & father encouraged me to listen to everything ever since I was a little girl, that’s what made me want to become a singer that was the turning point that inspired me to get into this industry. It was the dynamics of all of those sounds that I was hearing that made me want to hear and sing music even more.

Tell us about your recent project?

My recent project is my new song called “Same Thing” and it was written by Jarvis Edwards and Produced by O’Brian Music.

What’s the inspiration behind this project and are you working with any collaborators?

On this particular project I am not collaborating with anyone. However, the inspiration behind this song came from some personal situations that I encountered in my love life. I wanted to do this song to show that we as women have insecurities with love and that no relationship is perfect.

What kind of response you have received so far?

The kind of responses that I have received have been amazing. People letting me know they love my delivery of the song and that my voice takes them to another place when listing to it. I also have people telling me they are glad they found my music as it is refreshing to them. That makes me happy to hear and pushed me to want to give more music to my fans.

What’s the best part of being an artist during this time?

The best part of being an artist at this time is engaging with my fans all over the world. I am able to talk to my fans on social media directly and actually find out in an instant what they like or dislike about what I am doing. Also, it’s helping me wanna expand as an artist and think outside the box in order to give my fans a different experience of me.

Have you set any new goals to achieve besides the new project?

Yes, absolutely! I am currently in the middle of writing a book about the the digital music industry. I am naming the book, “Digitally Independent” to give an insight to future indie artists on how to start their own music label in this digtal music world. I have come across so many artists that don’t even know how to become a member of BMI or ASCAP. There are also artists who don’t know how to get their music abroad. I wanted to do this because I love helping people and don’t want them to have to reinvent the wheel when I have the info to give to my fellow artists

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