MEMORI releases music video of her debut single ‘CTRL C CTRL V’

Talented and inspiring music artist MEMORI has recently released a music video of single ‘CTRL C CTRL V’ MV .

Memori is a singer, guitarist, composer from Milan with a strong Tokyo vibe pulsing through her. Her main goal?
To be your best memory.
Her music is a personal version of J-Pop plus Metal guitars, her lyrics are a mix of Japanese and English.
The world you’re about to enter is colorful and diverse just like the night view seen from the Skytree Tower.
They said about Memori: “Hypnotizing and particular voice” (
You won’t regret writing the next page of your life together with Memori.

CTRL C CTRL V is the name of Memori‘s first song, that will be released as a single on the 19th of April 2019.
The single comes along with an interesting Music Video that puts emphasis on the song’s lyrics, which are about wanting to be noticed and appreciated by others.
During the video you will see Memori with different styles, beating up a waiter or laying down on a sopha.
You choose your favorite.
By the end of it, you will learn the right way to get people’s attention.

Lyrics, vocals, music, direction everything is perfectly done. You will surely love it.

Check out the Official Music Video for ‘CTRL C CTRL V:

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