Mia Grace comes up with another exciting track “Wait”

Mia Grace who impressed the music lovers with her debut release ‘“stuck” is back now with another exciting release titled “Wait”. West Coast R&B MultiLayered Lush Anthem “Wait” is all set to release on 26th March(You can pre-order from 12th March).

A few months back we interviewed Mia Grace when she was releasing her debut track “stuck”. Stuck done pretty well and earned her thousands of music fans and appreciations from music critics.

Here is a short intro of this multi-talented artist particularly for those who haven’t gone through our interview with Mia Grace, Mia is a pop, R&B singer-songwriter originating from New York, New Jersey. Daughter of world-renowned artist Prince Be of P.M Dawn and music industry mogul Mary Serra. Definitely, her father is her first inspiration along with Aaliyah, Rihanna, and Minnie Riperton. She is not here to follow the fixed patterns or pre-defined genres. Her creative nature urges her to create something out of the box. She has been creating music since she was only thirteen. She doesn’t want to rely on natural talent, so she is studying music from Berklee College of Music to enhance her music skills even more.

Now coming back to the upcoming release, if you have listened to her first single “Stuck”, this second single “Wait” will show you the other side of her talent. Mia is the kind of artist who doesn’t like to put the limits of genres during her music creation process. She defies genres and blurs the lines between R&B, pop, and take from a multitude of influences. This means you can expect something exceptional from this vastly talented artist.

Just like her first track, her melodious and fresh sound catches the attention of the listeners right from the start of the track. The track has a west coast feel that has many layers, creating a lush, rhythmic sound. Mia has a great dynamic range, being quite intimate in the verses, but goes all out in the hooks, making for a more energetic flow. You will surely feel compelled to listen to the track till the very end. The lyrics are catchy, clever, and personable, making Grace’s second single a strong one. Overall I would highly recommend you to listen to this upcoming track. Mia Grace just like her name has been able to put grace to her music family with her song-creating skills and talent.

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