Mind Caliber by Azwel

Azwel is an artist and songwriter from New York. He recently made a new foray on the music scene, with an exciting new album release.

This new project is titled “Mind Caliber,” and it really sets the bar higher, showcasing Azwel’s willingness to experiment with new ideas and creative solutions.

This album has a very organic and warm sound, with a collection of 11 studio tracks, each exploring a different idea or genre, while still retaining the same unitary tone.

Ultimately, Azwel’s performances on this album are absolutely outstanding. The artist’s vocal range is very dynamic and expressive, allowing a lot of emotion to transpire from the singing. It’s always awesome to hear artists who are arguably deeply connected with the material they perform, and this definitely seems to be the case. From raunchy rock songs, down to intimate ballads, anything goes.

And for our visitors we got exclusive link to the track ‘The Weekend’ from the album.. A beautiful track with everything perfectly done. You will surely enjoy it. Check it out.


Find out more about Azwel, and don’t miss out on “Mind Caliber.” You can stay tuned to his site for the updates.


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