Cracka Lack interview

Multi-talented Cracka Lack talks about his life and music

Cracka Lack is a Music Producer, Studio Engineer, Videographer and Entrepreneur from Lansing, MI
. We recently had an interview with him about his music and life. Here it is.

Twist Online : First of all tell us about the start of your music career?.
Cracka Lack : I’m 28 now. I started when I was 15. Was at a friends house and he was making a beat and recording a song. Super ghetto home studio style lol. He said I should try and it’d be fun. He was my best friend so I tried and never stopped.

Twist Online : Are you inspired of someone in the music industry?
Cracka Lack : I’m inspired by every successful person in the music industry. I like to think like a sponge. Adsorb as much positivity from anyone as I can. If I had to name 1 person, 50 Cent has always been a person I look up to and listen to his interviews.

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent work?
Cracka Lack : Recently I’ve been very into YouTube. The whole vlogging and documenting everything I do. Been hands on with lots of projects. Making the beat, Recording and Mixing the song, then shooting the music video. Been doing that for lots of upcoming artist. Mostly around my hometown Lansing, MI but other outside of here also.

Twist Online : You have produced thousands of songs for a number of artists around the world. What is most favorite song(s) you have produced?
Cracka Lack : My favorite song is my most successful song, Chalie Boy “Look Like Money (Smell Like Dollaz)” (Prod. by Cracka Lack). That song was all over the radio and everything.

Twist Online : What made you come into the clothing busienss?
Cracka Lack : Just the whole entrepreneur mindset. I wear clothes everyday, why not wear my own. I am the co owner of Royal Legacy Clothing. My best friend is my business partner and clothing is his passion. We both wanted to focus on a quality clothing line that had a meaning.

Twist Online : You are also a successful businessman. Our readers would like to know the secret behind your success in your business?
Cracka Lack : Execution. About anything I get involved in I try to make the most of it. There’s no secret formula to a successful business BUT every successful business has a lot of the same qualities. Professionalism, Mobile friendly optimized website, consistent social media posts, branding branding BRANDING.

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
Cracka Lack : Rap all day.

Twist Online : What’s the biggest achievement in your music career so far?
Cracka Lack : I think just getting to where I am today. Being able to do what I love to do and making a living off of it. Being able to help and work with upcoming rappers and provide them my services.

Twist Online : Are you working on any new project?
Cracka Lack : I’m always working on new projects. Follow my journey on my youtube channel I do weekly vlogs showing you all what I’m working on. Thank you for the interview. Cracka Lack on the Track!

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