Multi-talented Luc Meunier talks about his upcoming project Opera Rock

We recently had a conversation with multi-talented musician Luc Meunier. Interview focused on his professional life and his upcoming project Opera Rock in particular.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers.
Luc Meunier : I’m Luc Meunier, author/songwriter and musician. I write musical composition since the age of 14. Since an unfortunate accident in my young age, I began to play the guitar and then play with my band to finally make composition on my own. I’ve been pushed in the music world by my music teacher who tough I had a real talent. She get me into an musical contest for all the christian school in the Montreal area, ADES contest. With my own composition and the member of my band with who I was at this time, we won the contest. By winning the contest, we were going on a tour on all the Montreal school and I got a scholarship for the Conservatories of Montreal. Finally, I decided to take a break to form my own family. Now that, my kids are being adult and going on their own life, I decided to get back to where I left and to get out of the unknown with my rock opera.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into music industry?
Luc Meunier : After I got many great feedback about my music, everybody told me that I have a real talent in music and to go into the industry.

Twist Online : Tell us about your upcoming project “Opera Rock”?
Luc Meunier : My upcoming project is an french rock opera that will present my own life since I was young to now. It will present everything I went trough and what I become. It tell about my descend into the hell of drugs, my lovers and my rising up to heaven. From where the title “Enfer du Paradis”. It’s my music biography. It a huge project that i was working on since very young. Now that everything is done and complete, I will soon release my project.

Twist Online : What kind of music will be the part of your project?
Luc Meunier : Pop / Rock with narrative touch.

Twist Online : What kind of response you are expecting from the release?
Luc Meunier : I believe in my project and hope to help other person to believe that we can get out of bad situation with love and perseverance. I got luck in my life and now it’s time for me to give back to the next artist generation.

Twist Online : Do you need certain kind of environment to write a song?
Luc Meunier : I only need one idea and then, the song is written by itself. Sometime I only need to do something and then and idea come.

Twist Online : Have you set some goals to achieve?
Luc Meunier : My main goal is to release my opera rock and to benefit from it before I go. I want to leave my mark in this world .

Twist Online : Any expected date for the Opera Rock to be launched?
Luc Meunier : I hope to be able to release it by the end of 2018 or before. If I get lucky with the financing and with someone who believe in my project, it will be really soon but I don’t have an exact date to give you right now.

Thank you and hoping to get things started with this interview.
If you want to know more about my project, you can go on youtube and search for Luc Meunier. Everything you need to know is right there.

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