Multi-talented pop star Sunny Lukas is the talk of the town

At 17, Sunny Lukas has already established himself as a successful pop star in his native Hong Kong. His latest release, a cover of Despacito, has gained some noticeable traction on YouTube. Now based in LA, Sunny is about to break out in a big way.

The comparisons he’s drawn to Justin Bieber are fitting, as he’s also a singer/songwriter who’s gifted at the piano and guitar. In addition, Sunny can also play the ukulele. DJ Khaled, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran have all influenced his sound— a mixture of R&B, pop, dance, hiphop with a unique HK spin.

This eclectic blend of different styles is owed partially to his proclivity for international flavor—in addition to speaking English, Cantonese, and Mandarin, Sunny is currently learning Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.

Sunny’s flair for fashion has already made waves in HK. He describes his style as “chic, sleek, street” with a bit of “grunge & rock and roll” thrown in for good measure.

In the works for Sunny is his debut release, featuring work by Hitboy, Drew Ryan Scott and 1500 or Nothin.

Recently a video ‘Hispanics React to Sunny Lukas “Despacito” cover ft. Karol G, Francesca Ramirez and more’ got everyone’s attention.

Talking about the video Sunny says “Hey everybody! Thanks for checking out my cover of “Despacito.” This reaction video was made by some fans (and friends) in L.A. Special thanks to Karol G, Francesca Ramirez, Mando Fresko, Eli Carerra, and Yanina Oyarzo for all the love!”



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