Multi talented ‘PVM’ talks about his recent project ‘Bred Bastard’

We recently interviewed Piff Von Mar known by the name ‘PVM’. His project ‘Bred Bastard’ is getting special attentions from music industry. Our conversation was based on his life, professional experiences and Bred Bastard in particular.

Twist Online : First of all please introduce yourself to our readers?
PVM : PVM “Chicago Creative”. Recording artist, Leader of Bred Bastard Clan and Designer of the Bred Cloth.

Twist Online : Who or what inspired you to get into this music?
PVM : I come from a creative family, that created their own opportunities and hustled to make sure they people straight. Im just following path. But doing it in my own way.

Twist Online : Our readers would like to know about your project ‘Bred Bastard’?
PVM : Bred Bastard 18 track Project with something on there for every walk of life. Produced in its entirety by JParker hosted by the number one dj in the midwest Dj Victoriouz. Now available on Livemixapes, Spinrilla and MyMixtapes. We just dropped the video for the single “The World” make sure you go check that out.

Twist Online : What was inspiration behind this project?
PVM : Its about excepting who you really are. Bred Bastard Its the story of my life. Everyone is born with the choice to do good or evil. I want to do good but evil tends to reign in order to get good, because Im a Bred meaning born Bastard. I was put in a situation and i put a bunch of my experiences into melodies.

Twist Online : All these 18 tracks are true piece of art. Any particular song(s) that’s your favorite to work on?
PVM : Thank you for that! With the type of appreciation you have for music and for you to compliment my work as art is a blessing. Much love! Me Jparker and all of my team involved really have put in a lot to make this project come alive. We really enjoyed working on the entire project but Not Perfect and Bred Bastard were the ones i enjoyed working on the most. We actually recorded the two tracks in the same session.Those were the first two recorded to start off the project and really give it a forward direction.

Twist Online : What kind of response you are receiving?
PVM : I’m grateful man. The tape has been doing numbers, we got a full line up coming for this fall and winter with show dates and pop up shops. My schedule is getting busy, its all just a blessing for real. Make sure y’all stay tuned all the details will be available on my website go head and subscribe and follow my social media while you at it .

Twist Online : What’s your favorite music genre?
PVM : I cant say that I have one i love all types of rap and r&b and its some rock and roll and some jazz i will ride to too I just really love music. Over the last two years I will preview new material but I’m mainly listening to myself on unfinished material or new instrumentations that I’m working on. So to PVM that i guess its what ever type of genre I’m currently creating haven’t put a title to it.

Twist Online : Any particular target you want to achieve in this music industry?
PVM : The goal is Global. The goal is to have our own name and own everything we put out completely!

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