Multi-talented The Hairy Sun release a parody music video “Crack Town Road”

The Hairy Sun a parody artist, actor, comedian, & content creator has just released his newest music video on April 19th 2019. It’s a Parody to the song “Old Town Road”.

His version is called “Crack Town Road”. Where all of your dreams are put to an end! The Hairy Sun explores the deep dark reaches of Crack Town Road in this HILARIOUS Parody Music Video! He dances and has jolly good time with his peers on Crack Town Road! This hilarious video features humans with not a care in the world, living rent free, and enjoying the finer things in life!

Definitely very entertaining, you will love it. Parody is an art and he has perfectly mastered it. You can also checkout his YouTube channel to enjoy other videos.

For further news and updates on The Hairy Sun you can follow him on Instagram @the_hairysun

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