Tripp Denom

Music artist Tripp Denom and his love for music !

Here is our interview with music artist Tripp Denom who has created his own self proclaimed music genre stoner indie.

Please introduce yourself to our readers:

Alright well, I’m Tripp Denom I am an artist, musical artist my genre is primarily Stoner Indie. Stoner Indie is a fusion of a lot of different elements of music. It focuses on a stoner culture.

Who or what inspired you to get into music?

Man um, when I was little my cousin, my older cousin was really heavy into making songs and by watching him I got bit by the music bug at the early age of nine. So it’s always been something that I just have done and been a part of me. But as far as other musical influences you got everybody from Marvin Gaye and Al Green to Dr. Dre, Devin the Dude, 8 Ball and M.J.G., T.I., and that also extends over to Green Day, Nirvana, 3rd Eye Blind, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Then at the same time Betty Wright I could go on, I grew up in a very eclectic household it was an eclectic upbringing.

Tell us about your recent release “Bright Lights Fast Living”:

Bright Lights Fast Living is the first release off of “The Funktional Addict E.P.” which will be in stores and available on all streaming services and all your other mediums, digital form on April 21, 2017. It’s available for pre-order now so y’all can go ahead and get that. But yeah, this was the first single featuring K-Buck it’s a real smooth grooving type of joint, just taking you through what activities of a couple busy days look like.

Tripp Denom
What kind of response has it received so far?

It’s been very positive. It’s not really like what you hear right now, so it’s unique in that, so it’s been a pretty positive response from people.

What do you enjoy more, performing on stage or working in the studio?

That difficult, you know you enjoy each for a different reason. The studio element is almost like this sacred type of experience and bond that you have with music and the individuals that you have around you, helping create or just in the atmosphere that make and enhance whatever song it is that you’re doing. So, people hear it and they love it but you hear it a different way because it’s associated with all of those good memories and elements of what went into actually making it. But on the other hand performing, is in itself like a certain type of high. When you are able to provide musically to people and they actually fuckin with your sound, it’s really unlike anything else. So, it’s a tie.

Tell us about your self proclaimed genre “stoner indie.” Do you like any other genre as well?

I’ll start by saying yes I love music. Music transcends all genres so I like Gucci Mane just as much as I like listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers as much as I might like listening to Beethoven. It really depends on the mood so good music regardless of the genre is gonna transcend and be liked. That’s that piece but as far as Stoner Indie, it is primarily a grooving mellow type music, smooth, with elements of funk, hip-hop and 808 heavily based and it primarily focuses on stoner culture and things thereof: Good Times, Good Vibes, Good People.

Have you set some goals to achieve as a music artist?

Of Course there’s several. But right now I would say my biggest goal is for Stoner Indie to actually be recognized as its own entity. I mean it’s more than just a bunch of cats getting together and rapping about smoking all the time. It’s deeper than that, so the genre it’s a little bit more depth-full. I’m one piece of it, you know there’s the band Ear Bud, there’s K-Buck and all of these elements are different from each other but have a commonality to them at the same time.

Are you working on any new projects?

Yeah, I’m helping with my partna K-Buck’s E.P.. I’m always working on the next thing. I’ll be doing, the next E.P. and I got a few other things that we working on but primarily the focus right now is “The Funktional Addict E.P.” and that being released April 21. I want to make sure people know that it’s happening and to cool to it.

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