Music Video of Arbaz Anjaan’s “Missed Calls” is impresses

Arbaz Anjaan, a very talented music artist has recently released the music video of his track Missed Calls. A Punjabi-English track with full of energy and emotions. We really enjoyed the track, that’s why sharing our experience with our readers here.

As we have mentioned above, it’s a Punjabi-English rap track. The song starts with a melodious and engaging tone. You will feel compelled to listen to the track. The track is about a disloyal girlfriend who has betrayed his lover and left him alone in dismay.

As it takes time to go through this and to forget the disloyalty of a lover. But now the girl is giving him missed calls. Bringing those old torturing memories of disloyalty back to the singer’s mind. Not only the theme of the track is interesting, lyrics are exceptional as well. If you know Punjabi language, you will love it. And in case you don’t know Punjabi you will love it’s English part and music.

The singer has a dynamic and inspiring voice and it has a strong vocal projection. The track is simply done and not overly complex. The chorus is impressive, the pitch range varies, making it rich and engaging. The song definitely is professional and creative. The music video is perfectly performed and directed. Even though it seems simple but that’s what was the requirement of the track and the lyrics. Simple track with simple video but amazing outcome.

We just loved the track. We find it extremely good and the singer has talent and the music, lyrics and production everything has been done exceptionally well in this track. You should watch and listen to this music video, we are sure you will love it.

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