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Musical Sensation – Jalen McMillan’s top 7 songs

Jalen McMillan has been gaining a lot of national media attention the last 2 months. His last song “Call My Name” has gone viral on Soundcloud and is currently at over 750k plays – (https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillan/call-my-name) & fans are expeditiously sharing his upcoming song “No Cap (ft DJ PLAE)” even though it hasn’t been officially released yet. Fans worldwide are really enjoying his music and multiple major lables are currently in a bidding war for this sure-fire superstar rapper.

To give you a better understanding of Jalen McMillan’s previous work, we’ve complied a list of his top 7 songs of his career, dating all the way back from 2014.

It is to mention although Jalen’s instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/girlslovejalenmcmillan/) is verified and boasts an impressive 500k followers, not very much is known about Jalen regarding his personal or family life. Fans can visit his website (JalenMcMillan.com) for more information regarding his upcoming mixtape “Rhythm & Rap”.

1. “Azz Back” – https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillan/jalen-mcmillan-azz-back-1
2. “Nykee” –https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillan/jalen-mcmillan-nykee-ft-bachi
3. “Air Max 95” https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillan/air-max-95
4. “No Cap (ft DJ PLAE)” – https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillanfans/jalen-mcmillan-no-cap-ft-dj-plae-leak
5. “Call My Name ” – https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillan/call-my-name
6. “Moment in Love” – https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillan/moments-in-love-1 (2015)
7. “Happy & Bad Feeling” – https://soundcloud.com/jalenmcmillan/happy-bad-feeling-1 (2015)

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