Naddí is impressive with his music skills!

We love good music and spare no opportunity of listening and reviewing any latest release. And the most recent one we came across is ‘FIJI’ by Naddí. Naddí is exceptionally talented and naturally gifted drummer and music artist. Before moving on to the album let’s have an insight of his career till date.

Naddí is a young artist from northern VA. He got into music at a young age. He started freestyling words over my own drum and have been at it ever since. Raised by an extremely hard working single mother, and they’ve had their fair share of adversities before moving towards greatness. He has been hospitalized after abusing my own body as a teen, and went in a coma for close to 48hrs. Once he woke up from comma he took it as second chance, since then he never let it go. And here we are with his latest releases.

Now coming back to the tracks. Even though all the releases till date are beautifully done but the latest one that impressed me so much is “
FIJI ”. The song starts with a melodious and engaging tone. You will feel compelled to listen to the track.

The next track that impressed me is “Closed Eyes”. The track is simply done and not overly complex. The chorus is impressive, the pitch range varies, making it rich and engaging. I am impressed with the lyrics in particular. Overall it’s professional and creative. We find it extremely good and Naddí definitely proved the amount of talent he has. The music, lyrics and production everything has been done exceptionally well. I would say listening to the music was a real entertainment .

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