Nandan Guatam impresses with his recent single, “Hold Onto Your Sails,”

A standout track off of his newest project, King of the Sea, Nandan Guatam’s most recent single, “Hold Onto Your Sails,” is a haunting auditory experience that is filled with flowing vocals, jazz-pop vibes, and a pleasantly surprising addition of electronic sound. Hold On To Your Sails finds a way to be retro, yet futuristic.

It’s no surprise that Guatam wrote, produced, and composed all parts of the track, and the entire album. After experiencing a spiritual awakening, Nandan found himself filled with a different type of wisdom and inspiration about connecting his mind, soul and spirit to his music, and thus connecting and relating to others in the world. As Nandam Guatam says about finding musical inspiration while meditating, clearing his mind, and doing yoga, “ the end of the day, it’s melodies that pierce the soul.”

And that seems to be the vibe for his single, Hold On To Your Sails. Listeners are transported to an alternate world in the clouds, or rather the sea. The song opens the doors to a world that clears the mind, opens the ears, and frees the mind, to allow creativity inside.

This track is not like other sounds we’ve heard in the jazz-pop, electronic genre, which is why it resonates so quickly with people. This track is enchanting, haunting, and powerful for the mind, spirit, and of course, the ears.

With this song, listeners grow a deeper desire to hear more from Nandan, and that is why King Of The Sea is so highly anticipated.

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