New Single ‘Come On’ by Severe180 is Exceptional !

The track is new single by Alicia Watson who goes by the artist name ‘Severe180’. Born in Kansas City, Kansas she was attached with the music since early childhood. This attachment was so strong that it finally turned up as a pure art. Here is what she says about it,

          “As far back as I could remember, I’ve been drawn to creativity. Music became the bond that I could never break. The day that I got my first recording deck, it was non stop from there.   We didn’t have much, but we had just enough to make us appreciate what we did have. I spent several hours trying to figure out the format of a song.

This turned into several years of studying the craft of making thoughts become art.  “

She was born with the natural talent and love for art and with the addition of experience and time she has become an exceptional writer and skilled artist. This track “Come On” is a good example of what she is capable of.


For more updates on the artist you can visit the website


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