One of The Best Emerging Talents “City Marzan”

Today we will be sharing about an Up and Coming Hip Hop King ‘City Marzan’ , arising in the Shadows making phenomenal changes in the Hip hop Game.

Let us introduce you to the hard working “City Marzan” He is a very bright young man. Always trying to help others . He was Born on Dec. 5th and a Sagittarius at heart, born one day after the Legendary Jay-Z, you can see the ambition and dedication is there. He’s always concerned about the well being of others. He is on his Journey to Michigan to help those in need after the disaster that has occurred, he is helping to donate them a semi truck.

City MarzanJoining forces With The Carolina King “Michael Mitchell” helped craft his career as a legitimate artist and music performer. Michael Mitchell is the founder of “CMG” Which is “Carolina Music Group”. Mr. Mitchell gave him an opportunity in life to be on the right path and to live a clean life , to live for his children and provide for his family. With his parents passing away in his teens, he learned the code of the streets and learned the “Darwinism” Survival of the Fittest. That didn’t stop him from creating his own brand, called “Great PayPa ” this brand signifies what brings true happiness to one’s soul. Rather it be relaxing at home with your kids, watching movies, or it being going to the beach having wine with your husband or spouse and watching the sunset” “Great Paypa” Signify Happiness within. Only we create that happiness, so nobody can give you that. This brand is creating , merchandise and building greatness across the world. He has been doing music, recording self videos and performances are coming.

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