Oracle Eyes by KHA-DI

KHA-DI is a talented artist who has been making music for six years. KHA-DI’s latest single Oracle Eye will surely grab your attentions. A beautiful track having all the ingredients of a perfect track. Catchy lyrics, quality vocals and good music will keep you intact for the 2 minutes.

Here is a short bio of the artist that will give you an opportunity to know more about the artist.

“I have been making music for six years, I find it to be a cathartic way of expressing myself. I have been put into rehabilitation clinics more times than I can count and the only thing that kept me sane inside of those places was the reality that I would be making music once I was discharged. After being released from the first rehab clinic, I began to feel grey as if nothing in my life mattered. My family moved to Florida, where life was quite different from the fast-paced environment of New York City. In my songs I speak of heavy marijuana use, interactions with women, and my hopes for the future. Even though my primary reason for making music is to express myself I feel as though my music can be used to help those who feel like me. Those who feel like everything is grey and that nothing matters anymore. I want to help people who have suicidal thoughts and are walking down a road of self destruction so that they know that there’s someone else out there who understands. I have no hopes of being famous, or even rich. My mother and I survived on less than 20,000 dollars a year for eighteen years before I moved to Florida and I imagine that if I get a job with three times that amount I would be satiated. I’m not quite satisfied with life and I have many things that I want, but each day I am forced to absorb the realities of my life. If I can reach even one misfit with my lyrics (as gaudy and lewd as they may be) I will feel as though I have contributed something to the world that cannot be measured by financial status or compared to the oddity of fame. I hope that if you do not enjoy my music, that it will find its way to someone that does.”


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