Erwin Bauwens

Our recent conversation with awards winning artist ‘Erwin Bauwens’

We have talented music artist Erwin Bauwens with us once again. He has more awards in his collection and new releases those are doing well .

Twist Online : Hi, Nice to have you second time with us. Our readers enjoyed your previous interview with us.
Erwin Bauwens : Hello there ! glad to hear that.

Twist Online : Your previous Album “One Moment” did extremely well. You must be satisfied with the response it got?
Erwin Bauwens : Of course , its always a pleasure to entertain the audience

Twist Online : How was the response to your recent release “Nathalie Collova Latinas World”?
Erwin Bauwens : Very well indeed!!! they say its one of my best tunes ever

Twist Online : Your single won for you yet another Akademia Award. Its seems to become a habit. you must be very pleased ?
Erwin Bauwens : I won so far 9 music awards and still its fun to win every one of it.

Twist Online : How does you always come up as a winner, our reader would like to know your secret to success?
Erwin Bauwens : I start with a couple accords and then i start writting the mellody and then i mix the rythm in it.And hope full is that enough to win a music awards lol its al about good luck

Twist Online : Next Year you are bringing out a book with a music cd that you composed. Tell us about that?
Erwin Bauwens :Its about the youth and his psychotic problems 1 on 3 kids having psychotic problems one of the reason is bullying on school of the internet so we sit whit psychiatry of pc bethanie in Belguim to getter and going to write a book over stories of the patients wat the do in the institution and to ad a music CD with in this we try to be easier to talk over this process.

Twist Online : Is there someone in the music industry you take as a role model?
Erwin Bauwens :No role model well the genre that i explore and study.

Twist Online : Who writes the lyrics of your songs?
Erwin Bauwens : Laura Weber

Twist Online : Are you Working on any project?
Erwin Bauwens :No, for the moment I Finnish my latest project Marian

Meanwhile you can Listen to these latest tracks

Nathalie Collova Latinas World in Do and mineur

Buy on iTunes

Bomba ready to go

Buy on iTunes

It was a pleasure to be here, Greetz and hugs !

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