Antonio Maurice

Our recent interview with music artist Antonio Maurice

What made you want to become a music artist?

“Music is a form of therapy. It always gave me a way to express myself. Watching artist like Michael Jackson peeked my interest in performing. When you’re on the stage, it feels like you’re in your own little world but it’s so many people connecting with you at the same time. That feeling along with recording becomes an addiction; A safe expressive addiction.”

Who are some of your Rap/Hip Hop musical influences?

“I have a lot of musical influences but I’ll give you 3. Kanye West influenced me because it’s no limit to his creativity. He never boxed his self in a specific genre or specific sound. I like artists that aren’t afraid to experiment outside of the box. Eminem was the first rapper I started really studying in the music industry. Marshall Mathers LP is a classic. It was something that I hadn’t heard before, from the sound, to the shock value of his lyrics. Lil Wayne influenced me career wise. I would want a career like his. He’s always been able to get on anybody’s song and deliver a verse that captures people’s attention. I feel like he crossed over into a lot of different genres through out his career which set another bar for hip hop arists to achieve. I want my songs to be played on all different types of radio stations as well.”

What message do you want people to take from your music?

“Each song has a different message. I just want people to actually listen to the lyrics and relate to them. Music connects people so if somebody can feel the type of emotion I’m giving off in each song, then that’s what I want them to take from it.”

What is your typical creative process like?

“I have to be in a certain zone when I make music. I like to be somewhere quiet and not cluttered so I can get my thoughts together. I search for beats and when I hear one that instantly catches my attention, I come up with a flow or melody. I try to come up with a concept, which helps me to create the hook. The vibe of the beat determines how I structure the song though.
The process is different for different songs.”

Why do you think a lot of rappers don’t make it in this industry?

“Personally, I feel like a lot of artist see how “cut throat” this industry is and are turned off by it. Artist that do music for the love it, are personable in their music and when you start mixing that with industry practices, it takes away from their creativity which can make them not like the industry. It’s a lot of factors that can stop an artist from succeeding. It could be the lack of versality, the production quality, the appeal to the public, not enough dedication; It’s so many reasons; It depends on the person and their individual situation.”

How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business?

“Overall the internet made a huge impact on the music business. Instead of waiting around to impress a label or mailing off cds waiting for a response, you can go viral overnight. An artist has the power to show fans their personality outside of the music. We’re able to sell our own merchandise, do online concerts, and Q&A’s when we want to. It just gives an artist more control. The downside is that you get trolled more, and if you don’t have thick skin it can be hard for you.”

What artists would you like to collab with?

“Kanye West; even if he just made me a beat. I just know it would be something amazing. Drake also, I like his music and how his music is on all different radio stations. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Tyler the Creator, Kid Cudi. It’s a lot of different people for different reasons. I just want to collab with people who are dedicated to their craft and who I respect as an artist.”

Where can we find your music at?

My debut song “Pressure” can be found on all major platforms. I will be re-releasing it soon though now that I’m under new management. I’m also on the music platform LUM.

What upcoming projects do you have?

“I’m working on a lot of different things right now.
I’ll be releasing some more singles soon. I just got done shooting a video in Atlanta for a song called “ELon” that I collaborated with North Carolina artist Javell Fierce on. I’m just in the studio as much as possible to create an E.P. or album that fully expresses my creativity. I want to make it clear that I’m here for the long haul.

Are you signed to a label or do you have a team helping you achieve your goals?

“I am not signed to a label. I am being managed under T Hud Management and Entertainment.
They handle everything like, setting me up for interviews, scheduling my studio sessions and photoshoots, PR coaching, and all of the marketing for social media pages and song releases.
I like the management team better than a label right now, because they give me the steps to help with my success but my vision is still front and center. My kids, family, and friends are also my support team so shout out to them too.”

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