PaperCha$er Swagger Hot Dizzy’s Tracks Exemplify the New Era of Hip hop Music

Rising hip hop music icon Hot Dizzy is witnessing the peak of success in his music career. His brilliant tracks are the clear evidence of his success and glory.

Those who love hip hop and rap music must not be impressed of the genre only because it delivers exotic music scores and rapping. The mark of a good rap track is the collective efforts of many intricate elements. Other than music and performing style, the original charm of a track lies in the way the rapper narrates the rap story. In other words termed as storytelling rap, this narration style is indeed the sign of a true rapper. This ability of a rapper to string words with captivating rhymes and turning it into a stunning narrative is what makes a track a masterpiece. Since ages, right from the golden era of hip hop to the very trendy contemporary hip hop domain, there has been the rise of numerous rappers and artists who have become iconic for their magnificent contribution to the industry. However not all of them are known as storytellers. In this respect, one artist rather a wannabe Rapstar named Hot Dizzy needs extra attention for his exceptional rapping style.

Words fall short to describe the efforts of Hot Dizzy aka Joshua Miller who is struggling hard to make a specific identity in the hip hop zone. No matter how tough his professional life is, he makes it a point to dedicate some time nurturing his passion that is rapping. Dizzy is based on Naptown, Indianapolis which is regarded as the land of festivals. With his music he wants to mark the name of Naptown as a hip hop zone.  Dizzy raps about his personal life, us and downs he has faced and self-motivation that keeps him boosted. He is witty and does not feel shy to accept that it is money that helps everyone to rule the world. He flaunts it when he is called the PaperCha$er.

The Dizzy fever was noticed in SoundCloud with his debut release “Faded” which is refreshing and for all who are feeling law. The peppy beats of the track and his hard-hitting rapping style refuels the lost energy. This dance banger track has served as the best music in different clubs and pubs.  If asked which tracks make Dizzy outshine, it is definitely going to be “My Hitta”, both edited and explicit versions. In this track Dizzy’s outstanding singing style is reflected that proves that he truly sings from his hear. Some other super hits include “Feedback”, again both edited and explicit versions, “Fake Nigga“and “Sleeping on Me”.

For all ho want to go crazy on the dance floors listen to “Tick Tock” and others who want to have a moiré close up look in Dizzy’s life listen to “My Life”.  Dizzy‘s latest track “If you Only Knew” featuring Lil K where he raps about being neglected when he was in need of help. Now when Dizzy is under limelight surrounded with fame, these people wants to come back. The way Dizzy raps such practical instances is amazing and listeners can relate to the track very well. For his latest music pieces, stay tuned to Soundcloud.

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