Priyant Sundas just released an incredible modern jazz album titled “Blended”.

Mr. Priyant Sundas is an internationally renowned musician, vocalist, and performer, who has made significant contributions to numerous performances. The scope and range of Mr.Sundas’ many productions are truly a testament to his distinguished status as an influential guitarist, vocalist, and performer, as he has made great contributions to many of America’s most popular productions in recent years. A graduate of the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mr. Sundas is a versatile musician and multi-instrumentalist, including the Guitar, Lapsteel, Bass, Piano, Voice, Drums, Harmonium, and Saxophone.

Also, an accomplished arranger, writer, and composer Priyant is the founder and bandleader of the music collective Priyant’s Darjeeling Groove, whose full-length album “Blended” – fusing international sounds from Indian Hindustani Classical to Nepali Folk – was released worldwide on March 2019. Other major achievements of Mr. Sundas include acclaimed recording in association with Berklee Indian Ensemble, for A.R. Rahman, among others.

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