Rainbow’s End by Hollow Water

Rainbow’s End is a self-released 12-track progressive rock concept album of almost 80 minutes. All of the compositions were written by keyboardist Alan Cookson.
The album has a sci-fi theme involving three acquaintances who form a team and search for a rainbow which stays all the time. They embark on a comedy adventure which leads to a strange dimension.

For me this is Hollow Water’s best album so far. They have mixed traditional guitars with new wave synthesizers and machines to create an innovative genre of eclectic hysteria! Rainbow seems to be used as a symbol in this Album. And in search of searching for a rainbow that’s eternal they have created some amazing piece of music. The band’s has used instruments in the right combination just like an expert do. The theme of rainbow not only reads through on their cover art, but continues in their titles and song content. Hollow Water certainly knows how to take you on a voyage through music even until the bitter end. And that’s guarantee you won’t get bored in this 80mins Album that’s been crafted to perfection.

In short YOU MUST PLAY this album!

My favorite track is definitely the title track. I am really amazed how they have put together all the ingredients of extraordinary music in 1 minute track.

Sounds like: If The Mars Volta, The Shins, and At The Drive-In had a HUGE orgy this would be the result.

About Hollow Water

Alan Cookson And Huw Roberts are Hollow Water, a two-piece outfit from Aberystwyth in Wales.
Alan does the keyboardy bits and Huw plays the stunning guitar licks.

Speaking about the origin of Hollow Water Alan Cookson, one of the founder members of the bad told the the name was first coined after an instrumental tune by co-founder Huw Roberts of the same name.

Alan said,
“People ask me where the name Hollow Water comes from. I tell them to look at at a whirlpool or a surfer in a cylinder wave or a raging torrent. Hollow Water is full of energy. It is unpredictable it is never wishy-washy. There is power in hollow water, movement, darkness and light, constant changes. Hollow water is dangerous and never to be taken lightly. It might be a waterspout or river rapids, a tsunami which can push all before it. Hollow Water has power, constantly changing, flowing and moving with the sound of fury or the drip, drip, drop of uncertainty. There can be rhythmic splashes or crescendos of crashing breakers. Will the pipe burst? Will I be washed away? Listen and find out.”

Checkout their latest tracks including the Album Rainbow’s End on Soundcloud

You can also buy this Album on iTunes and for more updates about Hollow water you can follow the band on Facebook

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