Rap can get you pass the high school!

This sentence might look odd but it’s true when we talk about the life of rapper Rhyme The Truth.

Rhyme The Truth is not lying when he says his first rap got him through high school. Back in his younger years, he struggled a lot in high school, failing a good majority of his classes. At some point, he was fed up with trying and repeatedly failing so for his final exam in his Oral Communications Class he made the teacher an offer she couldn’t refuse.

You see; the final test was a grandiose speech on his favorite hobby/talent he possessed, and by this point, Rhyme had only one weekend left before the due date. Without knowing what his speech should be on, Rhyme nearly gave up hope until he heard a song on the radio. That song he heard will forever define Rhyme The Truth’s legacy.

“Toy Soldiers” by Eminem; that was the song he heard, and that was the moment his whole life changed. When he went back to school, Rhyme approached his teacher with his project in hand. With his notebook containing his first rap, he stepped up to the front of the class and introduced himself as Rhyme. This rap put every event that ever took place in his life into one song.

Needless to say, Rhyme passed his class by acing the final exam and winning the respect of everyone in the school. That was the start of Rhyme’s Legacy and that was the name of his first song. Now how he got “The Truth” added to his name, that’s a story for another day. Let’s just say if “Rhyme” was the name of the first written rap, then “The Truth” is the name of his first professionally recorded rap. Hence, “Rhyme The Truth.”

Since the success of his debut track, he never looked back. He he has released a number of other exciting tracks. To stay updated about his releases and other updates, you can follow him on.




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