Rapper ‘No Limit Savage’ talks about his love for music

Young rapper from Kentucky, No Limit Savage has been making music since last 3 years now. He is passionate about music and has deep love for it. We are sharing our recent interview with him here.

Twist Online: Please introduce yourself to our readers.
No Limit Savage: I am No Limit Savage, recently known as Almighty D. I am a Rapper from Kentucky that makes trap and drill music with a mix of soulful tracks.

Twist Online: You started rapping at a very young age. What was your inspiration behind joining the music industry?
No Limit Savage: In middle school I use to listen to music a lot in class. It had a huge effect on me, so I thought to myself if these rappers can make good music, why can’t I? Making music has always an outlet to express myself on. When I started to rap, I was just having fun with it, it wasn’t just until recently when I started taking rap serious.

Twist Online: Tell us about your recent project?
No Limit Savage: Mind of A Savage just shows off my talent as a rapper. I filled it with bangers such as the tracks Heaven, Make It Back, and Go Get Et Ft. Yo Gotti. At the beginning of making the mixtape I thought it would be my last “Drill/Trap” mixtape ever. Once it started getting thousands of plays I was in shock, I never thought I would get that many plays in my life. This mixtape really sit off for me, I’m blessed my numbers did this good.

Twist Online: You tried to join with other artists and groups before you decided to go solo. What made you decide in the favor of going solo?
No Limit Savage:  I always tried to team up with rappers and labels from the beginning of time, but it just always seemed like we weren’t on the same page or legal issues always got in our way of making music. Once I left the last group I was with “Paper Chasing Affiliates.” I decided going solo would be the best option for me as of right now. I am affiliated with a group out of Chicago but nothing legit as far as a label for me yet.

Twist Online: Any reason behind going for the artist name “No limit Savage”?
No Limit Savage: Yes, I had the name “Almighty D” for a very long time before I changed it to “No Limit Savage.” I knew I had to be different from other artist in the game, and with chief keef’s nickname being “Almighty So” I knew I had to change it to be unique. In fact, I was just having a conversation with one of my friend about changing it weeks before I switched it. I finally decided after a long time with coming up with possible names, I choose my three favorites to pick from, No Limit Savage was the best fit for my type of music.

Twist Online: Are you influenced by any music genre?
No Limit Savage: Yes, I love the sound trap rappers have made popular. I think my biggest influence though, would be the drill scene out in Chicago.

Twist Online: Have you set some goals to achieve as a music artist?
No Limit Savage: Yes, as of matter of fact I set a couple goals. The first goal is to become the most played artist in Kentucky, besides Bryson Tiller of course. My second goal has always been to play at a big festival even if it is local, I always loved the thought of preforming in front of a huge crowd. My last goal and probably my hardest goal of them all would be getting signed by a major label. I looked at my music as a hobby for a long time, but now since I’m getting tons of plays I am looking to make this a career. I know it’s possible, I just have to keep putting in work until I make it.

Twist Online: Are you working on any new project?
No Limit Savage: Defiantly, I am working one a new Mixtape now called “The End.” The release date for it is New Year’s Day at midnight. It’s going to contain all Real/Soulful Tracks. I am going to try and go a different direction with this mixtape, as far as the vibe you would usually get when you listen to one of my mixtapes. It will feature around twelve tracks and one outro. I named it “The End” because I thought this would be my last mixtape I ever make. I have been giving it a lot of thought lately and this will not be my last mixtape made. I am going to take it slow come January, since I will be in college and won’t have a lot of time on my hands but I still will be making music.

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