Music is everywhere. Your favorite might be any genre, pop, jazz, rock, country or blues. But humans who do not enjoy any kind of music are exceptional. Music soothes our tired minds at the end of a hectic day at work. Music adds to the life of your party. It is music who gives you company on your home alone days. You might choose your playlist depending upon your mood, but you can never run out of choices from the vast range of musical collections that are available across the globe which have been accumulating since time immemorial. If music does so much for you, if music adds to the value of your life, if music is your unsung soulmate, then don’t you think you have some roles to play to safeguard the purity and sanctity of your friend who has never left your side since your first days on this planet? Beware of the importance of music copyrights


For any single recording of a musical composition, there are two different copyrightable components. They are musical composition and sound recording.

  • MUSICAL COMPOSITION: as you can well guess from the name, musical composition comprises the music, the way in which it is written and it includes accompanying words. Generally, the lyricist and the composer are the authors of musical compositions. Needless to say, lyricists will be involved only when there are lyrics in the composition! A musical composition can be of many different forms. It can be in the form of sound recording like that of a master recording. It can be in the form of notated copy like sheet music. It can also be in the form of a phone record, like that of cassette tapes, LP, CD or even in the form of digital phone record, also known as DPD, like that of MP3 or various other kinds of digital file.
  • SOUND RECORDING: As already mentioned, this is another copyrightable component of any musical composition. This result due to fixation of series of spoken, musical or any other kinds of sounds in tangible medium which can be made to play back. The authors of this copyrightable component are the performers whose performances get fixed or the record engineer or the record producer who do the job of processing the sound and fixing these into the finalized record. However, both the mentioned group of authors can be authors together for a single recording. However, the author of the musical work cannot be the author of this sector of music. The copyright of sound recording is not identical to or substitute of copyright of the musical composition.

Excluding the cases for terrestrial or analog radio, it is mandatory to fetch separate licenses from the copyright owners of both musical composition and sound recording, as already explained above, before making usage of any sound record of musical composition. At present, the terrestrial analog radios enjoy the exemption from need to fetch license for sound recordings that they play. However, they still need to fetch a license for using the musical works.


The copyrights laws are here to protect and safeguard the musical compositions that are innovatively created by the music composers and the songwriters. Like all other professions, they need to work very hard to produce the outcome and their effort needs to be paid with real values. Even if we are unable to touch or hold their creations, we all must agree that their creation instead holds and touches us. Their works are products of their innovative minds just like various material objects are products of factory workers. Without the copyright protection, it will become impossible for those who live on music to earn their living. The copyright protection makes sure that the creators of music are reasonable paid for their efforts when the music they created gets used to please or attract customers, in shopping malls, in airplanes, in a comedy or suspense sequence in a movie or for any use. The sole purpose of the music copyrights is inspiring the innovation of new compositions be providing the creators with the rights to ownership on the original creations. You will get more information on from this article here.

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