Ricky Nevado rocking with his latest release ‘Rock Me’

Have you ever heard a song that just completely summed up young love? If not, take a listen to Jamaican artiste Ricky Nevado’s “Rock Me.” The soulful love song tells of a young man’s declaration of love and appreciation for the woman in his life who has stood by him during his low moments. I believe the young people call this ride or die.

Dem no see where we come, but dem see where we reach
Dem see the mountain where we climb to how the valley deep
You make me feel big when we touch inna de streets
Every man ah pree ‘cause the fire keeps blazing

The groovy track, produced by Kong Star Records, is Nevado’s first official recording, but is in no way his first musical venture.

Ricky Nevado, née Nevado Wellington, was born in St. Catherine, Jamaica – home to notable artistes like Christopher Martin, Spice, and Tony Curtis. As with his predecessors, Nevado sought to showcase his musical talents in church, at school, and local competitions such as the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission’s performing arts festival. Although not professionally trained, Nevado’s drive would lead him to open for

Now, at the age of twenty-one, he is poised to take his music career to the next level and realize his dream of making ”good music that has longevity and will create meaning in the lives of others.”

The official video, directed by Brian Roberts of Honest Illusions, was released in early December and has already received rave reviews on YouTube,
Check it out today!

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