Rob Sky talks about his new album ‘What’s Left of Me’

We are sharing recent interview with music artist Rob Sky.

Your first single, “Beautiful,” came out in 2007. How has your sound and your songwriting evolved since then?

Oh god. I hear some of the songs off the first album and I cringe. Haha. I think I was afraid to really put myself out there and be vulnerable when I first started. But now, I’ve totally put myself out there with this album, hence the title, What’s Left of Me. I’ve laid myself bare, and this is what’s left.

I’ve noticed you tend to write a lot more breakup songs than love songs- is there a reason for that?

Love songs are boring. I feel that breakup songs are so much more interesting to write and sing. There so many more facets to breakups than to falling in love. At least that’s been my experience HAHA.

How would you describe the songwriting process for this album?

It was interesting to say the least. Some songs took WEEKS to write (like Outta My Way), and some songs just poured out of me and were done in an hour (What’s Left of Me).

Speaking of “What’s Left of Me,” the title track is interesting. I love that little fast rapping part you do in the second verse. How’d that come to be?

I LOVE that part too! So in the original demo, the second verse is different and is sung like the first verse. But then I was listening to Savage Garden on the way to the studio and they had this very specific way of singing fast almost rapping. And I thought why don’t I try putting this into the song, and I started singing into my phone and by the time we got to the studio, the rap was done.

You have a few covers on this album too. What draws you to a song and makes you say “YES! I want to put my spin on this.”

Hmm. “Strangers” is a perfect example. It’s a cover of “Close As Strangers” by 5 Seconds of Summer. And the original song is more of an uptempo pop rock song with a big rock guitar chorus. But I heard it and I was like “Oh my god these lyrics are heartbreaking. This would sound so tragic and beautiful with just a piano and bare bones production.

What’s your favorite track on this album?

Ballad- Strangers.
Uptempo- Doin’ It Right.

Any last words for your fans before they listen to the new album?

Just enjoy the ride! And thanks for the love & support!

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