Rossemberg Maza – Cake Eat It Too

Rossemberg Maza fuses EDM, R&B, pop, hip-hop and rock to create an infectious sound salacious alter-ego run wild. A Bad Guy is his forthcoming album.The album is a culmination of Rossemberg’s journey, returning him to his multi-instrumentalist roots as he revisits his love for R&B, playing guitar, drums, and piano.

‘Eat It Too (Cake)’ is the newest single off this album. The song, as well as the album, is about Maza discovering himself, and the possibility of being a bad-boy. His music shows his experiences through life. He is a world traveler, and is all about experiencing the world. The album is a melting pot for culture and genres, including bossa nova and funk-pop, as well as disco and R&B.

The many different cultural aspects of this album don’t just derive from Maza himself. People from all different nationalities were part of this album, and the songs were written in all different parts of the world. Big names in the music industry have worked on this album with Maza, including Grammy-nominated engineer Johannes Raassina (Justin Bieber, Fergie) and Grammy-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado (Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson).

Along with this single, of course, came a music video. The song and video are all about coming clean with oneself. When asked about what exactly Maza was coming clean with, he replied, “There are some relationships in which regardless of what we do we get all the blame for. I believe in not judging but sometimes we get tired of those relationships and we want to move on. We end up accepting to be the bad one in the relationship just to be able to get a break. On a personal note, I have even admitted to cheating when I really wasn’t just to move on. That was the objective of this video. To show all these girls that I was supposedly cheating with. This is the type of life my ex thought I was having. The girls in the video are purely an illusion.”

Maza strives to make people travel with him through these songs. He wants to take his listeners on a journey. There are so many different themes in this album, and coming clean is just one of them. We dare you to try and pick apart what they all are.

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