Ryan David Dwyer talks about his Life and his Piano Lessons

We recently had a very interesting conversation with Ryan David Dwyer a very talented music artist. He is a skillful songwriter, melodious singer and recently he has developed a music curriculum to learn piano.

Twist Online : First tell us a little about your start in Music industry?
Ryan David Dwyer : I was invited at the age of 14 to audition for an interdenominational religious band called Youth Bridge, and was accepted. The other members loved one of my songs so much they chose to include it in the concert. At that point I learned to play with other musicians. My parents noticed I was really serious and got me into formal lessons. My piano teacher invited me to play in his worship band at his Church after a few months of lessons. He had songs in distribution with the religious record labels Vineyard and Maranatha, and taught me to always seek to be spontaneous and creative as possible to bring forth innovative sounds. So technically, at a very young age I got my jump start. But I did not possess a vision for a career in my teen years. In the year 2000 I had a paradigm shift that led me to evolve the content of my lyrical songs currently. Had a full 9-month period that I did not play piano. Then after I resumed playing my sound was uniquely better than previously.

Twist Online : Is there someone you are inspired of ?
Ryan David Dwyer : Was originally empowered to play piano by a family friend who plays any song he hears by ear. He taught me a number system of learning, and after that I knew that note reading would never be something I desired to do.

Twist Online : What was the idea behind going for Music Learning Curriculum?
Ryan David Dwyer : Back in the year 2004 I worked in a piano store and had the advantage of teaching summer camps to 4 and 5 year old from a popular music curriculum. Although I was impressed by the quality of cartoon drawings in the books I was highly disappointed with the lessons. I came up with my own coloring lessons and the kids really enjoyed it. After meeting an art student who informed me of the 12-fold color wheel I was enthusiastic about someday developing a method that incorporates all 12 colors, but I also knew I wanted it to be really simple for young children, and really teach them much more than the other methods available.

Twist Online : Tell us a little about your recent book based on this idea ?
Ryan David Dwyer : Originally I was going to use color with the traditional Bass and Treble Clef musical notation system, but I always felt untrue to myself for considering such an approach. The reason is that I never loved note reading and it never contributed to how I create songs or how well I play. When I finally decided to make the curriculum in late 2014 I determined that my diagrams would be vivid and use no technical terminology. After filling out the provisional patent application I began to realize that my approach Key Identity Access TM opens up amazing possibilities for anyone wanting to learn to play an instrument and/or write songs. The book challenges many traditional piano lesson notions about the “correct” way to learn. It essentially introduces the epic idea of writing songs simultaneous to receiving beginner instruction. And that is one reason for the book’s title, “You’ve Had The Keys All Along”.

Twist Online : You are a singer and songwriter yourself. How much that helped you in writing this book ?
Ryan David Dwyer : The fact that I do write songs that are intentionally developed with as much originality as possible as given me a unique perspective on Music Theory, Musicality, and Musicianship; all very important musical concepts that I cover in the book. Writing original songs that are pleasing to myself and for listeners comes by developing a healthy integration and balance of “The Three M’s” mentioned. Singing requires self-acceptance and vulnerability. Being willing to sing original words and experiment with original sounds is an example of self-expression that is not fostered by a strict note reading or ear playing based approach to learning. Knowing that writing the book could impart the joy of being free to compose from the heart is one of the biggest contributors that motivated the book’s production.

Twist Online : Is there your book available online? How can anyone buy it?
Ryan David Dwyer : Yes, it is available on under the search title, “You’ve Had The Keys All Along”.

Twist Online : Apart from book our readers will also love to know about your songs.
Ryan David Dwyer : Sure, I have a really unique instrumental piano composition on YouTube under the title, “Come Before The Goddess”. It has tremendous feedback from viewers which can be read in the comment section. Also, I am branding my music career under the moniker of Harpazio, and listeners can hear a rough draft of my multi-genre album evolution series called, “I Am The Phoenix” at this link:

Twist Online : What are your goals in life? Do you target something you want to achieve?
Ryan David Dwyer : Most definitely have specific goals, most of which are music industry related. I have a music curriculum, a music career, and an interdependent record label concept I’m forming. Almost every day and night I pursue the Napolean Hill/Andrew Carnegie teaching of Desire; to read outload exactly a specific goal and also my own plans for achieving them.

Twist Online : Are you socially active? How can someone follow you online ?
Ryan David Dwyer : I am. Here are some links:

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