Saint Vertigo Releases His Second Album ‘Watch Your Steps’

We recently got an opportunity to listen to the new release by an up and coming music artist Saint Vertigo. It’s his second Album titled ‘Watch Your Step’. So once we got to know that it’s his second Album we first gone through the first one, his debut Album “The Other Side”. So that it will help us understand how much he has improved in between the releases.

Before going further let’s tell you, he is not a full time music professional, rather he works on it part time. He makes music only for the love of music, that’s what we always appreciate. So coming back to the album after listening to the first one we were expecting some improvement in the second one as the first one (apart from a couple of tracks) has some minor flaws. But once we gone through this recent Album by Saint Vertigo it was even better than what we have expected. Rhythm is there, sound pitch is better and all the tracks are following some theme pattern that was missing in a couple of tracks of his first album. Mean to say, if the title is Rain Walk, the music is following the theme and you will feel it till the very end.

Album consists of 5 tracks. Going through the tracks you will feel how expressive and imaginative he is. As that’s an instrumental album means no lyrics and vocals involved so it makes it even tough to express through music only. But Saint Vertigo has done his job pretty well. Once again keeping in mind  it’s only his second album, the album is an impressive piece of work.

Even though all the tracks are done pretty well. But a couple of tracks ‘King Amongst Kings’ and ‘Rain Walk’ in particular got our attentions. If you listen to the track King Amongst Kings, the track starts with a melodious and engaging tone. You will feel compelled to listen to the track.The track is simply done and not overly complex. Same is the case with the other track we mentioned, ‘Rain Walk’. It’s also a well woven track. The music is so polite and soothing. The track got all the ingredients of a professional track. We find it extremely good and the artist definitely has talent.

Overall the album is worth listening. Particularly if you are going on a long drive, you should try listening to this. We would say it was a nice experience listening to the music and we will definitely recommend this album to our listeners. We are sure a couple of tracks will surely find there way to your personal collection.

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