Scott Bell and his heart touching music

Scott Bell is a very talented singer and songwriter who formed The Avenue in 2005 in Belmont, NC. As a singer/songwriter he has a great desire to bring emotions to people through his music. Through dreamy sounds, up-beat electric rhythms, soft melodies, true to heart lyrics, and his voice, his hope is that each song can make a person feel, if nothing else, something.

His recent songs are treat to listen, particularly his song “Away”. Written after a much needed get away on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA. While talking about how he has wrote this track he told us

“I spent every morning on the beach, with no one else on it thinking about life, and how beautiful the water was. When I returned, I was inspired deeply. ”

This song is about getting away sometimes, but being with the one you love the most is being home.

Overall the song is an exceptional one. Checkout this track and other music he recently released on soundcloud below

For further updates on the singer you can follow him on twitter

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