System Failure album

Scottychams Releases His Debut Album System Failure

System Failure is the first album released by hip hop artist Scottychams.

This project is mostly old school hip hop beats but the style is unique and modern. Rap for the most part is very conscious and lyrically focused. It’s mostly talking about government corruption, different perspectives, mindset to succeed, and my opinion on a lot of what’s going on in our culture. The system failing simply refers to the fact that we as humans tend to change and reform our systems of control. One example was switching from gold to inflatable currency and then to digital. This essentially calls for another reset, our system right now is more than just failing, but failed and all we are doing now is convincing ourselves and others that it hasn’t.

So overall its an inspiring and professional work. You can surely see a glimpse of ScottyCharms’s talent in this project. Although its his very first album yet all fields including lyrics, vocals, production has been taken care of properly. Very impressive !!


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