Searching for Silence An Inspirational Charity Single by David Johnston

Searching of Silence is an inspiring charity single written by David Johnston. The single that is being released next week to raise money for the 11,000,000 people affected by the Syrian conflict. Funds raised are being split 50/50 between Médecins Sans Frontières & A Village In Syria.

David (the songwriter) with Rosemary (Founding member of AVIS).
In Picture David (the songwriter) with Rosemary (Founding member of AVIS).

Two charities ‘David and Goliath’ have joined together to release this single for good cause. The video of the single is very inspirational. They have created a video, inspired and original, with images of destruction, together with images of re-construction: the everyday story of making bread. The star of the video is the baker.The idea behind the video is very inspirational. Viewer can feel the pain of these people.

I am so much impressed by their effort, as they have made this song for the good cause. Even if we put the charity cause of the track aside still song itself is an exceptional effort.  The song starts off with a rhythmic and engaging tone. I feel compelled to listen to it. The singer has a rather dynamic voice and it has a strong vocal projection. The song is not overly complex. The chorus is impressive, the pitch range varies, making it rich and engaging for me. The song definitely is professional and creative. And added with the cause of charity it becomes a treat to watch.

Neil Chitre The Singer
Neil Chitre The Singer

Want to participate for in this cause? Here is a chance for you.They have set up a Facebook Event as well with the aim of achieving a Christmas number 1 in the UK. So you are highly recommended to attend the event:

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