Seattle Based Hip Hop Singer Larry D Hawkins is Back with His new Single!

Larry D. Hawkins is a Seattle based hip hop singer, rapper, and songwriter. He has shared the stage with Mos Def and Red Café back in 2003. He has played notable music festivals such as the Heineken City Arts Fest and The Capitol Hill Block Party. Currently,Larry is on his way back to the industry and working on his new project called“Addicted” which will launch in early July with QB production.

This single “Addicted” is the first song that will be released for the EP. Followed a music video, promo video, and lyric video. Larry D. Hawkins has a musical style that will elevate the industry and bring much-needed change.

This single Addicted is full of fun energetic sounds Intended to make Everyone dance and feel good. Everyone is addicted to something or someone. That addiction drives people to do almost anything. Larry is Addicted to life, music, change, love, peace, and happiness. Taking this addiction to another level, Larry has decided to put his addictions into words, not just with this single but with the entire project. Which is why this is the first single from the EP.

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