Setting up my home recording studio!

Music is a vast world with plenty of jobs and roles. Vocalists, lyricist, Music composers, producers, music engineers and so many other people combined with music instruments are able to make music. So the tracks you listen and reject or accept so easily is a combined effort of that many people.  I am a music engineer and producer. That’s why I know what it means to release a hit and how it hurts when your track results in a flop.

After going through a number of good and bad experiences I decided to build a music studio, my personal studio. (Till that time I was working on rented studios or working under other labels). So the decision was big so as the expenditure list.  I needed to buy a number of things to set up the studio such as computer, DAW/Audio Interface Combo, Studio Monitors, Microphones, Headphones, Mic Stand, Pop filter, electrical power cables, ear training software and such other items. 

I have been creating music for the last 10 years so I had money to buy all that stuff. I was so much excited as now on, I will be the owner of my work and I won’t be paying or requesting studios for recordings. I was setting up the studio in the guest room of my house, so the wiring was not up to the mark for the heavy equipment I will be using. 

So the first thing I did was to change the power cable of the room. Life of my precious and costly equipment was totally dependent on the quality of electrical wire so using my old house wiring or compromising on quality wasn’t on cards. So I checked different wire cable manufacturers and I was able to finalize Jianye Cables.Only after that I bought and set up the equipment. 

It took me around 2 months to build my home recording studio but since then I am feeling lucky. Now I am my own boss. I can create whatever and whenever I like to. 

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