Shauna Vassallo

Shauna Vassallo talks about her Music & Life

Twist Online : First Tell us a little about the starting of the your music journey.
Shauna Vassallo : I started singing around 2010 so basically i have been singing for around 6 years now! Its was always a dream of mine to start something new so i went to karaoke when i was staying in a hotel and got lots of good comments so decided to go and try it out and i managed to get till here 🙂

Twist Online : Tell us about your recent release “Are You the One”.
Shauna Vassallo : Are you the one is a fun , summer vibe song. I started working with a team called AYTO around mid December and started producing this track. It took a while but it was professional work and led to this amazing result! Which I’m really happy with 🙂

Twist Online : Are you inspired by anyone in the Music Industry?
Shauna Vassallo : I love Sia and Jessie j a lot! I would love to sing with Sia or Jessie j someday.

Twist Online : What is your favorite Music Genre?
Shauna Vassallo : I love trap music and techno a lot and i like rap and soul music too.

Twist Online : Do you have some goals in mind? Do you work according to your goals?
Shauna Vassallo : I would love to become a DJ and play in clubs and sing in front of large crowds just to see people smile and dance to the beat or enjoy the performance. Yes i intend to follow my dreams and goals.

Twist Online : Tell us more about your songs?
Shauna Vassallo : This is my first original song but i enjoy doing covers too. Hopefully i will work hard and produce more songs in the following years.

Twist Online : What will be your next release?
Shauna Vassallo : I will start working on my next release soon.

Twist Online : Shauna Vassallo as a singer and Shauna as a common person is there a difference?
Shauna Vassallo : No! I’m always the same. I’m very fun, outgoing and relax when it comes to being a person and I’m also the same when it comes to singing. I enjoy myself and nothing changes that.

Twist Online : Are you socially active? How can your fans follow you?
Shauna Vassallo : Yes i have a Facebook page so whoever wants to follow they can do so 🙂

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