Sigma Hertz releases Lost (Found)

Sigma Hertz  is a talented French music producer. Sigma Hertz gives so much importance to the time. Even his name involves time. Sigma is time And hertz is frequencies. And his slogan Right time – Right place – Right frequency. Sigma Hertz has recently released a new music video Lost (Found). Before we share this song with you we would love to introduce you with the other guy involved in this track as well. Nelson Wayair, an international Dj from Chicago. He is into the music since early school days. Performed on a number of venues around the world and collaborated with so many artists all around the world.

Coming back to the track. Track also features Sophie Glassford. The track is very professionally done. It’s directed by Jonah Castaneda Barry and Courtney Kessler is starring in the music video. Music, lyrics, vocals, production everything has been done professionally. You will surely enjoy it.

Check it out !

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