Singer Janet Jackson Used Nutrisystem to Transform her Body

Janet Jackson hails from a family of music royalty and has a string of hits under her belt too. She is the quintessential American superstar. Having stayed in the music industry for a few decades now, she has always found ways to reinvent herself to remain a staple for pop culture. One of the aspects of her changing looks is her body; the pop star is known to fluctuate her body weight extensively. She says that eating is one of her comforts and she, like many of us do, tends to binge on her favorite snacks to calm herself down.

Her new body looks amazing 

After becoming the spokeswoman for Nutrisystem, a weight loss program, Janet Jackson is out to show that the program does produce results. The singer has been photographed spotting a trim figure that has her looking ten years younger.

A new campaign launched by Nutrisystem features her talking about her journey towards attaining the body she wanted. In the video, Miss Jackson wears a white blouse and black pants with a black belt to highlight her waist. She smiles and hold her hands out saying “this is what success looks like,” and you can’t help but be inspired by her achievement.

The singer’s Nutrisystem before and after photos show her significantly curvier and fuller body before the program, and her flat tummy after taking on a Nutrisystem food plan. In one photo, she is seen wearing an orange dress that absolutely accentuates her curves. A smiling Jackson looks smashing in the photo and the caption below her says, “I lost the pounds and you can too.”

Always was a heavy kid 

Jackson admits that she has always felt insecure about her body even at times when she was in tip top shape. Her insecurities started from an early age as she narrated in an interview with ABC in 2011. Her older brother, the late king of pop Michael Jackson, used to tease her about her
body. She said that though her brother’s teasing was always with a light touch, she never got it out of her head and was always aware of her physique.

While appearing on the 1970’s hit sitcom “Good Times,” Jackson was asked by the producers to lose some weight, something that seemed to reiterate her constant fear of being too heavy. The incident hit her hard and when she finally made it to the big leagues, she always went back to her comfort foods and binged, causing massive weight fluctuations.

The weight loss battle is something a lot of people can relate to Janet Jackson is not the first pop star to admit that she has had weight issues. Craig David has also come out and shared stories about himself growing up as a fat kid. The singer now spots big arms, a bulging chest and a
set of abs that would totally wow the ladies.

While Craig David may have gone into frenzied workouts, for Janet Jackson, her success was achieved using the Nutrisystem program, which she is promoting now. The weight loss program basically focuses on choosing the right foods for you, and giving you all the nutritional requirements while keeping the menu interesting.

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